How it Works - The flow of textual information:

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

The flow of textual information is organised in this way: In the
(i.e. before the first Gating Three exhibition), there
was a given text pool that followed the criteria detailed below.

Aspects of the texts that belong to the category of globalisation
in Europe and North America:
- Loss of identity by losing work
- New chances through globalisation
- The life-long learning process
- Jakop Kneip quote: “A necessary element for healthy aging
is sorted conditions of living”
- Texts that say that it is not only the classical worker that
might have a problem with the recent developments of soci
- Travel report of a steel worker
Aspects of the texts that belong to the category of globalisation
and the Third World:
- Where helping globalisation has a positive effect on the
Third World
- Where globalisation inflicts wounds on the Third World

The users and viewers of Gating Three have the ability to
contribute text to this pool via text messages.
Since the
text pool is online, the new text is, from now on, going to be
part of every Gating Three installation, regardless of the
A Gating Three installation has to have Internet access, otherwise,
it can’t handle the textpool. In this way, the textpool
enables a dialog that is independent of place and social
environment. The user’s texts are given the opportunity to
enjoy the stature of exhibited fine art as new media content
generated for theme-guided exhibitions.

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