The installation | Concept, part 2:

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

Gating can be projected or be displayed on a monitor – this
depends on the background of its exposition. If it is presented
on a one-evening event, it would be shown in the following
way: the visuals are shown by data projection on a wall
screen. In front of this projection stands a plinth. On it is asolid interface – this tool is needed for the user to explore Gating
III. The plinth carries the writing “Please Touch”. It could
also display a short introduction, since a lot of visitors are not
used to playing in an exhibition – but it should not explain the
application itself.

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

There is also a sign in the installation: “To add a comment,
please send a text message to this mobile number”. If someone
sends one, the text shows up in the installation and the
next piece of text reacts to one of the nouns in the text. This
next piece of text is taken from an online text pool. This text
pool is the sum of user feedback from different places.
If Gating Three becomes a part of a long-term exhibition, it
can be presented as a table-top with a monitor and interface.
For long-term exhibitions, this monitor version is more compact
and the risk of theft is much smaller.

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