Gating - The Migration of the Industry | Concept, part 1:

Gating III is an interactive installation. It deals with the relationship between place and non-locality. An important topic of “Gating, the migration of the industry” is the drift of industry from Europe to Asia. Whole steelworks are being sold and shipped from one place to another.

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

User Input:

Gating, the migration of the industry offers three layers of information: one layer is the photorealistic surface, which carries specific information that is based on the module and its subject— an industrial plant and the parts it is made from. These industrial modules are reassembled from different European facilities.

A second layer is made up of flow charts and typography that overlay this photographic landscape as the user passes over it with the interface. The writing tells the user where in the world the different parts of the plant were used and when. The arrows show which resources are the input of the machinery, where these resources come from, what the output is and to which countries they get delivered. The represented work is fictionally located in China, as the user gradually discovers.

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

The third layer includes textual information that runs as a belt along the lowest part of the screen. This text is user generated. The lower part of the photographic picture layer of Gating Three is prepared
so that it is dark enough for the light typography to be easily legible without any shadows or background elements. The running type functions like the news belts on BBC, CNN and N24. Nevertheless, the graphic qualities of Gating Three are reminiscent of more carefully designed productions, such as movies. This should give the text a stronger authority.