Operating schedule, over all costs and proposed funding:

Operating Schedule:

Planning and funding applications (part time): 4 month

Travelling and photography including montages full time: 2 month

Post-postproduction and supervision of the programming: 3-month part time

Cost schedule:

Charge for 5 days of photography: € 4500
Charge for 5 days of photographer’s assistance: € 400

Charge for 10 days of digital montages: 3500
Travelling costs to 5 European steel-works in 3 different Countries: € 2412

21 days of multimedia programming (flash and PhP): € 8400
Server and gateway costs: € 450

Overall cost: € 19,662 = US$ 31,077

Proposed Funding:

Filmstiftung NRW [Film Foundation North Rhine-Westphalia], Germany
Arts Council, England
Rhizome Commissions (unconfirmed), USA

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

copyright: per pegelow | interactive arts

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